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The Penguin Café Orchestra's music has been widely used in film, advertising, television and radio, where its eclectic appeal is ideally suited to a wide audience.

The short, upbeat format of much of Jeffes' work is instantly appealing and highly memorable (see our online shop for samples).

Credits Include:


It's All Gone Pete Tong (2004), Napoleon Dynamite (2004), The Good Girl (2002), Chuck and Buck (USA 2000), Oskar and Leni (Germany 1999), All the Little Animals (UK 1999), Hear my Song (Ireland 1991) Malcolm (Australia 1989), Stesso Sangue (Italy 1989), Nightshift (UK 1981),

Mercury One to One, IBM USA, Volvo USA, Eurotunnel, Knorr foods, Hob Nobs, Hewlett Packard, Sunday Independent Newspaper

Numerous uses - background / theme / incidental

Numerous uses - background / theme / incidental

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