Broadcasting from Home CD

Broadcasting from Home CD


This record continues the custom established by Simon on 'Penguin Café Orchestra' of using the original ensemble from the first record with the addition of new members. Recorded on 8 track at Hippodrome place between 1982 and 1984 with overdubbing and mixing at various 24 track studios, it is, once again, a slow, but sure accumulation of compositional and instrumental ideas. For the first time the PCO features brass instruments, the Omnichord and the harmonium, an instrument which was to become central to future PCO music. This period of research gave birth to the classic 'Music for a Found Harmonium' which Simon composed in Japan on a harmonium that he found abandoned in a Tokyo street. This piece has become a classic, covered by many ensembles including Sharon Shannon, Patrick Street and The Orb. This record is the PCO 'coming of age' but still retaining its youthful nonconformity.

1. Music for a found harmonium

2. Prelude and yodel

3. More milk

4. Sheep dip

5. White mischief

6. In the back of a taxi

7. Music by numbers

8. Another one from the colonies

9. Air

10. Heartwind

11. Isle of view (music for helicopter pilots)

12. Now nothing

(Remastered 2008)

Catalogue no: EEGCD 38 /0777 7 87447 2 6/ CAR1545 (US)

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