Music from the Penguin Cafe CD

Music from the Penguin Cafe CD


This record is a manifestation of a dream that Simon had in Japan of a place called the Penguin Café where a certain kind of unusual music is played. The record is, in effect, a compilation of at least three years' work in various contexts and with different musicians, mostly recorded on Simon's trusty A77 Revox tape recorder 'on location'. The original combination of musicians that rehearsed for, and played on, this record was called 'the 4 musicians in green clothes'. By the time Brian Eno had adopted the project, and Simon had dreamt his dream, they had become the 'Penguin Café Quartet', members of the 'Penguin Café Orchestra'. A section of the record is entitled 'Zopf' with slightly different performers and includes tracks that have become PCO classics such as 'From the Colonies', 'Surface Tension' and 'Giles Farnaby's Dream'. 'Zopf' means pigtail in German and was used in the 18th Century to describe a certain kind of light music played in coffee-houses. Later, Simon used the name for the PCO's own record label. 'Music From The Penguin Café' is a charming and seminal record that was to lead to a quarter of a century of innovative music. First released on Brian Eno's Obscure Records label in 1976 with the catalogue number Obscure 7, it was originally available from Island Records in the UK on mail order only. Since then it has passed to the Virgin label.

1. Penguin Cafe Single

2. Zopf

3. From The Colonies

4. In A Sydney Motel

5. Surface Tension (Where The Trees Meet The Sky)

6. Milk

7. Coronation

8. Giles Farnaby's Dream

9. Pigtail

10. The Sound Of Someone You Love Who's Going Away And It Doesn't Matter

11. Hugebaby/Chartered Flight

(Remastered 2008)

Catalogue no: EEGCD 27/0777 7 87448 2 5 (UK)/ CAR1544 (US)

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