Preludes Airs and Yodels

Preludes Airs and Yodels


An excellent compilation of the very best of the PCO drawn from all the previous records. It also contains three versions of the classic 'Music for a Found Harmonium' - the PCO original, a storming version by Patrick Street and a remix called 'Pandaharmonium' by The Orb. It also contains a rarity: a short piece called 'Piano Music' which has only appeared on 'The Penguin Café Orchestra Mini-Album', a 26 minute long 'interim' album released in Japan in 1983 and featuring four tracks from previous albums and two unreleased pieces. Simon's description of this record as a 'primer' is very appropriate. (Virgin - 1996)

1. Music for a found harmonium

2. Perpetuum mobile

3. Penguin cafe single

4. Air

5. Telephone and rubber band

6. Dirt

7. Giles Farnaby's dream

8. Oscar Tango

9. Rosasolis

10. Air a danser

11. Music for a found harmonium

12. Yodel 3

13. White mischief

14. Prelude and yodel

15. Harmonic necklace

16. Steady state

17. Nothing really blue

18. Pandaharmonium

19. Piano music

Catalogue no: AMBT 15 / 7243 8 42015 2 4

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