Union Cafe - Double 12" LP

Union Cafe - Double 12" LP


Erased Tapes has the huge privilege of reissuing the original Penguin Cafe Orchestra’s last ever studio album Union Cafe including a first time vinyl edition — out December 1st 2017 to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of founder Simon Jeffes’ passing in 1997. Union Cafe was the fifth, and the last studio album by Penguin Cafe Orchestra. It was initially released in 1993 merely on cassette and CD, and will now be given a new breath of life, for the first time available on vinyl, and another chance to reach old and new fans alike. “Union Cafe was the last studio album recorded by the original Penguin Cafe Orchestra and marked a move towards a definitive English pastoral sound combined with larger string arrangements set against longer solo piano pieces. With this last album they got even closer to the PCO idea of squaring the circle of intellectually challenging modern music that is still actually beautiful. For me this has always been a contender as my favourite PCO album, and the fact that it never ended up on vinyl was more to do with the way things were in the early 90s, and chance rather than it being deliberate. So in that sense this release is righting an old wrong. The slow development of the pieces means that you can really get lost in them and vinyl is of course the perfect way to do that.” — Arthur Jeffes

Track List: Scherzo And Trio

06:57 Lifeboat (Lovers Rock)

07:16 Nothing Really Blue 05:18

Cage Dead 04:37

Vega 10:32

Yodel 3 03:26

Organum 03:49

Another One From Porlock 02:57

Thorn Tree Wind 03:17

Silver Star Of Bologna 04:06

Discover America 03:04

Pythagoras On The Line 01:52

Kora Kora 03:05

Lie Back And Think Of England 04:21

Red Shorts 04:10

Passing Through 05:20

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